Yoshira arctic camo trail jersey


Think you’ve got what it takes to represent Yoshira?

We are always looking for positive and energetic brand ambassadors to represent Yoshira out on the trails.

Before contacting us, here are a few pointers:

– Are you active on social media? We look for people that regularly post good quality content. The more the better.

– Post photos with our products. We would want to see the type of content you would be posting with our stuff, before we would consider sponsorship. Get some of our gear, get out on the trails, post some photos and show us what you’ve got!

– Do you have a large and active following? It’s great having a decent amount of followers, but do they interact with you? Do you interact with them? And not just your mates!

– Are you positive and energetic? We would want people to be posting positive content with a good vibe and a good message that would shine a good light on our brand and image.

– What makes you unique and stand out from the others? Do you inspire others to get out and ride? You don’t have to be the greatest or most stylish rider, just as long as you show that you have a good time!

If you can answer yes to all of these, then shoot us an email with links to your social media profiles (Facebook/ Instagram/ Youtube etc) and tell us what you think you could do for us!